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Utah Lake is a tremendous fishery that provides anglers with some great fishing opportunities. If you like catching and eating catfish, this place is a must visit. Utah Lake supports a large and a healthy population of both channel catfish and bullhead catfish and is regarded as one of the best places to catch catfish in Utah. In this article we look at some of the best places to go catfishing at Utah Lake

The 9 Best Catfish Fishing Spots at Utah Lake

  1. Lincoln Beach
  2. Bird Island
  3. The Knolls
  4. Lindon Boat Harbor
  5. Bubble up
  6. American Fork Boat Harbor
  7. Provo Harbor
  8. Pelican Bay – Saratoga Springs
  9. Pump House – Jordan River

Lincoln Beach

Lincoln Beach is a prime catfishing spot located on the south east corner of Utah Lake and is a favorite amongst most anglers. This spot has a wide variety of contours, rocks, flats and inlets and is great spot for catching both size and numbers.

Location: South-east corner of Utah Lake (4700 South Lincoln Beach Road, Spanish Fork Utah)

Best way to fish: bank, boat, float tubes

Bird Island

Located about 5 miles south of the Provo Boat Harbor. Bird Island is a fantastic place to catch big catfish at Utah Lake. It’s called bird island because of all the birds that will hang out at the top of the island, but it might as well be called catfish island because there are some great catfishing spots all around the island.

There is a long point that comes out of the island that is located on the south-east corner that is an excellent spot. This is an area that you are almost guaranteed not to get skunked and a must visit spot if you have a water craft available.  

Location: 5 miles south of the Provo Harbor

Best way to fish: Need some type of water craft (boat, float tube, etc.)

The Knolls

The knolls is phenomenal place for catfishing. There are some great spots to launch a small craft and to wade out in the water. The land around the knolls has been recently required for public use so this area should see continuous improvement.

The spot is not as popular as a lot of the areas on this list, which makes it a great place to get away from the boat traffic and catch some healthy catfish.

Location: North-east corner of Utah Lake (4400 W. Vineyard Road Orem, Utah 84057.)

Best way to fish: bank, wading, boat, small water craft

Lindon Boat Harbor

The Lindon boat harbor is one of the best places to target catfish at Utah Lake. It offers great fishing both inside and outside the harbor as well as some great fishing within an easy reach.

If you are fishing from the shore the west and north dike are excellent fishing spots. If you are fishing from a float tube or something similar there are some great areas all around the harbor that include flats, the bubble up, reeds, among others.  

Location: North-east corner of Utah Lake (4400 W. Vineyard Road Orem, Utah 84057.)

Best way to fish: bank, boat, float tubes

Bubble Up

This is a popular spot that often gets over looked. The bubble up is an old Geneva pipe that now pumps clean water into the lake from a spring. The water inflow and long pipe is what makes this a fishing hotspot. Big catfish can be found at this spot all year round.

Location: South of the Lindon Marina (4400 W. Vineyard Road Orem, Utah 84057.)

Best way to fish: boat, float tubes, kayaks or something similar

American Fork Boat Harbor

The American Fork Boat Harbor offers anglers with a variety of fishing options and is great fishing for catfish. Bank anglers have success fishing from the dikes and docks.

Catfish are also all over the outside of the harbor which offers some great fishing opportunities from a boat, float tube or something similar. The American Fork River Inlet is a popular choice but there are many great spots to be found on the outside of the harbor.

Location: North-east corner of Utah Lake (6398 S 100 W, American Fork, UT 84003)

Best way to fish: bank, boat, float tubes

Provo Boat Harbor

The Utah Lake State Park in Provo is a popular spot for fishermen targeting catfish. It offers a close proximity and easy access to some solid fishing spots. Many anglers have success targeting the point of the north dike and the west dike.

Location: East side of Utah Lake (4400 W Center St, Provo Utah 84601)

Best way to fish: bank, boat, float tubes

Pelican Bay (Saratoga Springs Marina)

Pelican Bay is a great spot to target catfish at Utah Lake. This is privately owned marina that is managed by the city. They have done a great job at making it a nice spot to fish. There are plenty of catfishing hanging around this marina. You can find some good fishing spots inside the harbor and out on the dikes.

Location: North-west corner of Utah Lake (156 Harbor Park Way, Saratoga Springs, UT 84045

Best way to fish: bank, boat, float tubes

Pump House – Jordan River

The Pump house by the Jordan River is a popular and solid spot for catfishing anglers. You can also catch big cats at any spot in the Jordan river. This is a solid spot all year round but when the pumps are turned on this area really heats up. The outflow of water attracts all species of fish and anglers.

Here some great information about this area by “Tube Dude” a local catfishing expert: 

Location: North-west corner of Utah Lake

Best way to fish: bank, boat, float tubes

Best baits for catfish at Utah Lake

The best and most effective baits for cat fishing at Utah lake is going to be your natural baits. White bass meat, carp meat and minnows are tough to beat and nightcrawlers work great as well. The more natural and fresher your bait is the better. Here is a list of baits that have been proven to be big time catfish catchers at Utah Lake:

  • Carp meat
  • Nightcrawlers
  • White bass meat
  • Shrimp
  • Crawdads
  • Minnows
  • Hot dogs
  • Chicken liver
  • Stank baits

Final Thoughts

Utah Lake is a premier catch fishing lake in Utah. There are ton of great spots to catch both size and quantity. With just a quick drive away for most Utah Lake anglers these top spots are a must visit. Now get out there and go catch some fish.

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