How Much Do Power Pole Anchor’s Cost?

Fishing in shallow or rapidly moving water can be extremely challenging without having a reliable anchor. Using a conventional box anchor in shallow water usually scares fish away, especially if you have to stop suddenly and drop an anchor fast. The invention of the Power-Pole anchor revolutionized shallow water fishing, making anchoring a fast, remote-controlled, and silent procedure. Compared to other anchors on the market, how much do Power-Pole’s cost?

Power-Pole shallow water anchors typically cost between $ 100 and $ 2000 per anchor, depending on the size. Some larger and heavier boats require two anchors to ensure stability. Securing your boat and Power-Pole’s guarantee, it is recommended you have the installation done by an approved dealer. An installation can cost from $ 250 to $ 700 for a single or set.

It is possible to do a Power-Pole installation by yourself or by a private individual for a lesser cost. However, this might mean that your warranty falls away if you do it privately.  It would be best if you had a level of know-how to install the Power-Pole anchor so that there isn’t damage done to the structure or the finish of your boat. We would recommend that you always use a marine fitment center approved by Power-Pole to do any installations.

Should You Buy a New or Used Power Pole?

When buying an electrical and mechanical item such as the Power-Pole, it is always best to buy a new article. Power-Pole offer the following warranties on their anchor products;

  • 5-year Mechanical Parts Warranty
  • 2-year Electrical and Hydraulics Warranty
  • Lifetime Warranty on the Everflex Spike

This is a crucial point to keep in mind, although it is more expensive buying a new product, you have peace of mind knowing that the Power-Pole company fully backs your product.

There are a few second-hand anchors available from time to time for a lesser price. Still, in some cases, a specific warranty period might have expired already, and you will have to buy a new anchor costing you double the money.

How Much Do New and Used Power-Poles Cost?

There is quite a price difference between new and used Power-Pole anchors. Usually, you might have to buy mounting brackets separately from the anchor itself with the new items. Let’s have a look at the different shallow water anchors and compare their prices to second-hand options;

Power-Pole Anchor Prices New

  • Heavy Duty and Ultra-Light Spike – $ 89.99
  • Power-Pole Micro Anchor New – $ 599.99
  • Power-Pole Sportsman II New – $ 1399.99
  • Power-Pole Pro Series II New – $ 1699.99
  • Power-Pole Blade New $ 2099.99

Power-Pole Used Anchors

  • Power-Pole Ultra-Light Spike – $ 50.00
  • Power-Pole Micro Anchor Used – $ 359.99
  • Power-Pole Sportsman II Used – $ 899.99
  • Power-Pole Series II Used – $ 1399.99
  • Power-Pole Blade Used – $ 1799.99

What Size Power Pole Do You Need?

Power-Pole anchors are designed for specific boat sizes and different depths.

  • The Power-Pole Ultra-Light Spike – This anchor can be used on smaller vessels like canoes, kayaks, paddleboards, and boats up to 1500 lbs. It is available in a 6ft or 8 ft length.
  • The Power-Pole Micro Anchor – This anchor can be used for boats or small skiffs up to 1500 lbs. It can also hold paddleboards, kayaks, and Jon boats with passengers without problems. It is available in an 8.5ft length.
  • The Power-Pole Sportsman II – This anchor can comfortably be used on boats of up to 28ft or with a weight of no more than 4500lbs. It is available in 8ft length.
  • The Power-Pole Series II – This anchor can comfortably be used on boats of up to 28ft or with a weight of no more than 4500lbs. It is available in a 6 ft and an 8ft length.
  • The Power-Pole Blade – This anchor can comfortably be used on boats of up to 28ft. With a weight of no more than 4500lbs. It is available in an 8ft and 10 ft length.   

How Much Does A Power-Pole Anchor Installation Cost?

Typically, installing a Power-Pole anchor can cost anything between $ 250 to $ 700, depending on the anchor and boat type. If you have a boat requiring two anchors, you might end up paying a little more for the extra labor.

Labour is usually calculated per hour of installation time, and to install a Power-Plant anchor usually takes between 1.5 to 5 hours. Again, this will depend on the fitment center, the anchor size, the boat, or if you need one or two anchors.

Larger boats that weigh over 3000lbs could require a set of anchors. Most shallow water anchors are sold individually, as well as all the brackets and mounting parts. This way, it is convenient for you to purchase exactly what you need. If you are unsure, your local dealer will have well-trained sales and technical staff to assist with any question or installation issue you may encounter.

The Best Shallow Water Anchors Available

Comparing a few brands of shallow water anchors will give you an overview of what is available and what you could expect to pay. Some are single steel anchor poles with a screw in action, while the more advanced anchors use electronics, hydraulics, and remote controls.  Below are the most popular anchors on the market;

  • Power-Pole Blade – $ 2099.99
  • Panther Marine King Pin Anchor – $ 350.00
  • SandShark Sand Anchor with bag – $ 299.00
  • Superstick Shallow Water Anchor Pin – $ 80.00
  • Power-Pole Sportsman II – $ 1399.99
  • Slide Anchor Shore Spike – $ 170
  • Minn Kota Talon Shallow Water Anchor – $ 2499.99

These anchors range from very basic manual spikes to top-of-range remote-controlled hydraulic anchors. All of these are available direct from the dealer, your nearest marine equipment stockiest, or Amazon.

Will A Power-Pole Anchor Keep My Boat Stable?

Sport fishing requires an angler to stop a boat fast when spotting a fish or see an area that you can work your lures in quickly. It would be best if you did this quietly and with precision. The Power-Pole anchor is activated via remote control, and within a few seconds, you are anchored securely.

The hydraulic arm of the Power-Pole anchor drives the Everflex rod deep into the bottom, whether it is sandy, grassy, or rocky, instantly securing your boat. The Power-Pole anchor is highly effective in rapidly moving water or river mouths where you might encounter strong streams.

Power-Pole anchors have been tested in various settings and Pro-Angling events and can be recommended to keep your boat stable at all times, giving you free hands to do what’s important.


Power-Pole anchors are available in a range to suit every angler’s need. Depending on your budget, you can secure your fishing boat with either a manual pole anchor or more advanced remote-controlled hydraulic anchors.

Whichever one you decide on, you know that for the price, you are buying a quality anchor that will revolutionize the way you fish in shallow waters.

Aaron Warner

Aaron Warner is an avid angler with over 15 years of experience. He has participated and won fishing tournaments all over the country and enjoys fishing for bass, trout, walleye and other species.

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